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Bespoke Joinery in Worsley

In addition to offering plastering, damp proofing, electricians, groundworks, brickwork and pointing, plumbing and gas fitting AND project managing your dream project, Ellendale Developments also offer a bespoke joinery service in Worsley. Every project is different, so each requirement is different. Our local joiners are not just experts at one type of joinery; their skills cover a multitude of different styles and project builds. Whether you need your kitchen fitting, bespoke window frames making or tailor-made bunk beds for the kids’ room, our passionate craftsmen can create anything that you desire. We only use the finest quality materials and take the utmost pride in what we do. Each wood has it's own desirable properties; from aesthetic finish to weather resistance to affordability. Which one will you choose?

  • Maple
  • Beech
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • Pine
  • Walnut
  • Teak

While you mull that over, here are just a few of the incredible projects that the Ellendale Developments joiners can create for you;

Bespoke Joinery Gallery

View some of the work we have taken place below in Worsley and the surrounding areas. Click an image and swipe/click left and right to view more.

Garden Gates

Gates come in all shapes and sizes. They're great for keeping a home or business secure, and there are so many decorative designs and grain options to choose that you can be spoiled for choice. Whether it's a gate at the end of a cottage path or fully automated gates with CCTV cameras, Ellendale Developments offers the most choice, the highest quality materials, the best price, and the best craftsmanship in the local area.

Shop Fronts

Using Ellendale Developments professional joinery service to design, craft and build your shop front may be the smartest investment that your business ever makes. We'll work with you to find out exactly what it is that you want and how best to promote your business. We've crafted everything from doors, windows and signs, to shutters, canopies and mobility access points. With our local joiners, your business is in good hands and will look spectacular.


Getting a professional joinery service to craft furniture for you in Worsley would have been something of an elitist market not all that long ago, but now people are realising that it doesn’t pay to buy cheap flatpack furniture that doesn't wear well over time. Using solid, quality materials instead of MDF or chipboard not only means that your furniture will last considerably longer and be more robust against damage, but it looks so much better and has a weight to it that screams quality. Whether it's a dining room table, a footstool, bedside tables or a vanity unit, bespoke furniture is where professional joinery really comes into its own.


Hardwood window frames are really making a comeback. Many people moved over to plastic window frames because they won't rot, and that's perfectly understandable. However, there’s something inherently beautiful about a hand-crafted wooden window frame. It shows off the skill of the carpenters and joiners and just looks so much more aesthetically pleasing, especially with carved in patterns, scrollwork and cornices. Plus, with the improvements in wood treating technology, wooden frames last far longer against the elements than they ever used to. Whether it's a single frame for a new extension or a Tudor-fronted house that needs the original window frames replacing, the Ellendale Developments joiners can craft beautiful windows for you that will show off the building.

Doors & Door Frames

Doors and door frames can be funny things. You automatically assume that every door has the same dimensions when in reality they are just as unique as the buildings they reside in. Interior doors, exterior doors, joining doors, folding doors, trap doors, cupboard doors, garage doors - each one needs to measured correctly before manufacturing or you could end up with the most useless of objects - a door that won't close! Doors and door frames can be made from lots of different types of wood, and they can be painted or treated with any colour of varnish that you can think of.


Porches are great. They offer extra room without taking up loads of space, they can be all shapes and sizes, and they're perfect for putting shoes and coats in that might otherwise clog up valuable space in a hallway. Not only that, but they give a house a sense of cosiness and charm too. There's nothing nicer than seeing a porch with hanging baskets full of flowers in full bloom in the summer or decked out for Christmas with twinkling lights. Porches can be adapted to fit almost any space; from a simple awnings over a door, to a small extension complete with built-in storage, to one that runs the full length of the house where you can sit on a rocking chair and drink iced tea! Let the Ellendale Developments joiners design a porch that will not only give you extra room but one that will enhance the overall look of your house too.

Beds & Bunk Beds

The average person spends 229,961 hours asleep. That's a third of your life in bed! If you're going to be spending that much time in bed then you may as well get a bespoke one! Let Ellendale Developments joiners craft you the bed that dreams are made of (quite literally). Here are a few ideas that you could work into your bed design;

  • Incorporate drawers
  • Have a bed that lifts up allowing you to store things underneath the bed frame
  • Build a TV into the foot of the bed that can raise up with just the push of a button
  • Have built-in side tables
  • Have a built-in headboard

Of course, adults shouldn't have all the fun. That's why we create bespoke bunk beds too. Great for getting the most out of the space you have available, bunk beds are so exciting for kids, and they're so versatile that you can incorporate loads of great features in them;

  • Storage
  • Wardrobes
  • A writing desk
  • A pull-out guest bed
  • A slide

Why have a boring bed when you can have whatever you want to be designed for you and hand-crafted by local joinery experts in Worsley?

If you would like to speak to a bespoke joiner in Worsley then please contact 01942 316061.

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