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House Extensions Worsley - At Ellendale Developments, we take the time to actually listen to what our clients want to gain from their house extensions. We believe that to make an extension an integral part of the home, it has to have the due care and attention that a full-scale project would demand.

That’s why, whether it’s a single-storey extension, a double-storey extension, or a loft, barn, or garage conversion, we work with our clients to design and draw up plans to create the perfect addition to their homes.

So - which option would suit you best? Read on for some inspiration, and let Ellendale Developments help you create the extension that expands and revitalises your property.

Single-Storey Extensions

A Single-storey house extension can either be at ground level or at a second level. You may want to add a ground-level extension such as a kids’ playroom into the back garden or add an extra bedroom to the side of the house. However, you could just as easily have this additional space above an existing structure instead and add a room above the garage.

Single-storey extensions are a superb option for providing much-needed room without taking up too much valuable space. An extension like this can be something as simple as a utility room to hide away the washing machine and the laundry, or as grand as a kitchen diner with a skylit roof and retracting patio doors to bring the outdoors inside and flood your home with natural light.

Double-Storey Extensions

Double-storey house extensions can add so much value to a home; not just in terms of financial gain, but in terms of practicality and a renewed love of it too. You may want extra bedrooms for the impending arrival of more children, or you may need a garage and self-contained mini-apartment for an elderly relative. You might even want to build a recording studio and a games room!

Whatever it is you need the extra space for, a double-storey extension in Worsley can save you the heartache, trouble and expense of uprooting everyone and moving to a larger property and it breathes new life into your home.

Extensions Gallery

View some of the work we have taken place below in Worsley and the surrounding areas. Click an image and swipe/click left and right to view more.

The Process

So you’ve decided to have an extension on your existing property. Great choice! But, what happens now? Here’s a brief snapshot of the house extension process with Ellendale Developments;

1. Working with you

Every project is unique, but the principle remains constant. Listed below are just a few of the questions that we ask before a single brick is laid down;

  • What is your budget?
  • What size will it be?
  • How many rooms will it have?
  • What will it be used for?
  • How will it be accessed?
  • Will the new extension be required to have plumbing installed?
  • Consideration for neighbouring properties
  • Would it potentially violate any Health and Safety requirements by being erected?

This is not an extensive list, but it does give you an idea of the sort of minute detailing that we go into before committing to a house extension project.

2. Design & Drawing Plans

This is an integral part of the building development and construction work process. It’s important to us that our clients get exactly what they want, so every aspect of the design will be discussed.

Once all parties are happy we can draw up the plans for the house extension and the client will get a chance to scrutinise these before they are submitted for approval to the relevant departments.

This level of detail also means that any potential pitfalls are worked out at this early stage, so there are no nasty surprises for our clients further down the line.

3. Submission of the Plans

Once the client is happy with the plans they are submitted to the relevant authorities for approval. After approval has been given, the build can proceed in earnest.

4. Building the Extension

Our team of diligent workers will begin work on your home extension, taking care to minimise the amount of disruption to your way of life as the project takes shape. They will tidy the area as they complete their various tasks so that you and your neighbours are inconvenienced as little as possible by mess, noise and potentially restricted access. They will also provide regular updates on the builds’ progress and address any concerns that you may have.

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