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If you are looking for reputable, fully-licensed local plumbers and heating engineers who cover all variations of domestic heating and plumbing in Worsley, then you've come to the right place. Here at Ellendale Developments, we can install your new bathroom plumbing, make sure your heating is running at maximum efficiency, fit a new boiler and even unblock that slow-draining sink you’ve been meaning to get fixed for so long. Our plumbers and heating engineers will go the extra mile to ensure that you have an installation that is professional, reliable and fully guaranteed.

Gas Boiler Installations in Worsley

Fully certified gas boiler installations are all part of the plumber and heating engineer solutions that we at Ellendale Developments pride ourselves on providing for our clients. And it's not just brand new installations that we install; we can move your existing boiler to free up more space too. A common scenario is the existing boiler is hidden away behind a cupboard door in the kitchen and the tank is taking up valuable space in an airing cupboard or in the loft. A new combi-boiler or gas boiler installation can not only make your heating system much more effective and cost-efficient, but it can also give you back that valuable room that the old system is taking up.

Even if you are not in the market for a new boiler or central heating system, it's always a good idea to have a yearly service performed on your existing system, especially before the cold winter weather descends. Keeping your boiler in a good state of repair is a vital task to keeping your home in Worsley warm, your showers and baths hot and protecting it from cold weather. If the worst does happen and it needs repairing then Ellendale Developments has you covered there too.

All our tradesmen are Corgi registered and the work is guaranteed too, so if you have any issues our expert installers will be on hand to correct it at no extra cost to you.

Central Heating Installations in Worsley

Central heating installations are a big undertaking, so you want reputable, quality tradespeople who can get the job done efficiently, on budget and competitively priced. But it's not just new central heating installations in Worsley that we offer. Ellendale Developments can also install repair your existing installation or perform a power flush to maximise it's potential to keep your house warm and your water hot and flowing.

Repairs might be fixing a leak, finding out why the pressure has dropped, bleeding the radiators, finding out why your pilot light isn't staying on or any number of other potential issues. Sometimes, power flushing the system (a chemical solution that is run through the system to clean the pipes of debris and sludge) is all that is required to get your system back up and running at maximum efficiency. If repairs or power flushing won't do the trick, then we also offer highly competitive rates on new systems. Our plumbing and heating engineers in Worsley can remove the existing system and replace it with a brand new one, one that will come with a guarantee, will be more efficient, and you can even control it remotely from a smartphone.

So, for all your plumbing and heating needs there’s only one number to call - 01942 316061.

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