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Ellendale Developments has built our own in-house team of professional plasterers in Swinton and Pendlebury who have years of experience between them. Reliable, consummate professionals, with a portfolio of beautifully rendered projects to their name and lots of positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Don’t settle for disreputable plasterers who quote a cheap price but then don’t finish the job to a high standard - use Ellendale Developments for all your building developments and construction work needs and let their plasterers complete the job.

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Plastering Work in Swinton and Pendlebury

Plastering can be carried out in any room and can make a real difference to the overall aesthetic of a building. Plastering of walls and ceilings could be done at home in;

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Garages
  • Extensions

But can also be used in;

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants, and many other buildings

A good plastering job can make the whole world of difference to a project, and there are lots of different kinds of plastering work and plastering services that Ellendale Developments specialise in, Here a just a few;

Skimming in Swinton and Pendlebury

Skimming Over/Skimming

Skimming over, or skimming is the term given to applying a thin layer of plaster. It may be that your walls are in not a bad state of disrepair and don’t require the old plaster to be removed and starting again from scratch. A skim adds that smooth finish to a wall and makes a room instantly look refreshed and newly-built. Once it’s dry, you can paper, paint and hang photos and shelves on it and it should last for years.

Dry Lining in Swinton and Pendlebury

Dry Lining

Dry lining is sometimes called drywalling, but essentially they are the same thing. Dry lining is where the plasterer attaches plasterboards to internal walls and creates a smooth surface. This plastering technique does not require a wet plaster finish as paint can be applied to it directly. This is most common in office blocks but can work in homes too, and it’s a far quicker and less- messy method than wet plastering.

Tanking in Swinton and Pendlebury


Tanking is where a liquid coating is applied to a damp wall to form a waterproof barrier. Once it sets, you can either plaster over it with the traditional wet plastering method, or paint can be applied straight on top of the hardened tanking surface. This is a great option for rooms that are susceptible to damp, such as a basement.

Floor Screeding in Swinton and Pendlebury

Floor Screeding in Swinton and Pendlebury

Floor screeding is usually used to level out a concrete sub-base. It consists of mixing sharp sand, water and cement together, pouring it over the desired area, and then the plasterer smooths it out to a flat finish before it sets. Once it sets it is incredibly hard-wearing and can be painted or an alternate flooring such tiles, lino, or carpet can be applied on top.

Ceiling Repairs in Swinton and Pendlebury

Ceiling Repairs & Replacements

Ceiling repairs and replacements can happen for a number of reasons;

  • A property might have been empty for a while and has fallen into disrepair
  • Mould has made the existing ceiling weak
  • A bath, toilet or sink directly above the ceiling has leaked through and caused it to sag
  • An interior wall may have been removed leaving behind a visible ‘stripe’ where it used to be, leaving the two rooms to look disjointed
  • The finish to the existing plasterboard ceiling may not be to your taste, but the skim cannot be removed without damaging the plasterboard underneath it
  • You may have changed the central light fitting which leaves a hole or exposed beams
  • You want to add new LED lights but cannot access the spacing between the rafters to run the electric wires and cables through.

Whatever your reason for wanting a repair or replacement to your ceiling, Ellendale Developments plasterers in Swinton and Pendlebury can ensure that your ceiling looks like new again with a minimum amount of disruption.

Rendering in Swinton and Pendlebury

Rendering & Render Repair in Swinton and Pendlebury

Rendering is usually applied to outside stone or brickwork to create a pleasing aesthetic and protect the building from the elements. However, it can crack and wear over time or through building subsidence, and a simple render repair may be all that is required. Repairs don’t tend to take too long and set relatively quickly. All-over renders take a little longer to apply (especially if old render has to be chipped away first), but look stunning once they are finished and can be painted any colour that you choose.

Tyrolean Renders in Swinton and Pendlebury

Tyrolean Renders

Tyrolean renders are the perfect solution when there is a large area to be plastered and can be used on both interior and exterior walls. Tyrolean render is made of polymer cement (a mix of tiny plastic particles and cement) and is applied manually through coating sprays from a compressor-powered render gun. Once it sets it is a formidable weather-proofing system.

Pebble Dashing in Swinton and Pendlebury

Pebble Dashing & Wet Dash

Pebble dashing and wet dash renders are a popular exterior finish. The wet dash is comprised of sand, cement and gravel and it is applied thickly to the exterior of the building. Once it sets it forms a hard layer that is extremely effective at protecting the building from the weather in Swinton and Pendlebury. Pebble dashing is a variation of the wet dash plastering technique. The wet dash is applied as normal but then large stones and pebbles of varying colours are added to the surface while it is still wet to create a unique aesthetic look and an additional protective barrier for the wall.

Plaster Repairs in Swinton and Pendlebury

Plaster Repairs in Swinton and Pendlebury

Sometimes, either due to subsidence or just general wear and tear, plaster finishes need to be repaired. A much more cost-effective solution than starting from scratch, plaster repairs are quick and easy to do and can be decorated soon after they have dried.

Boarding in Swinton and Pendlebury


Plasterboarding is when sheets of plasterboard are either stuck to an existing brick wall using special adhesive or are slotted into place in prefabricated metal interior wall partitioning. The boarding creates a smooth, flat finish, which can then be decorated however you like. Boarding is a great way of making sure your walls are level before attempting to hang up large cupboards and units so that everything is flush.

Coving in Swinton and Pendlebury


Coving and ceiling roses are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any room. Coving can also hide previous bad plastering jobs and make a room feel more ornate. Available in many different designs and materials, coving can be installed quickly and cheaply and can be painted to any colour of your choosing.

If you have any questions about plastering or have a plastering project in Swinton and Pendlebury that you need a quote for, be sure to contact your local experts at Ellendale Developments for a professional job done right at the right cost. Give Ellendale Developments a call on 01942 316061.

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